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Please don’t interpret any of this presentation as some sort of promise or implication of your future earnings. My results aren’t even remotely typical. I have been at this for 14 years, and naturally have a bit of an advantage as a result. The average person who buys any “wealth building” course (or something similar) rarely gets any profits at all… Kind of like how the average person who buys home exercise equipment rarely ends up looking like the person in the commercials. I don’t know why that is, but I think it’s safe to say it’s true across the board. THIS STUFF IS ALL HARD. And it takes WORK and RISK of losing money.
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Bitcoin Profit System
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  •  4 Week Bitcoin Profit Video Training & Implementation Program!
  •  Week 1: Get Some Bitcoin - And How To Bypass The Buying Limits FAST To Get Profits Other People Are Too Slow To Get
  •  Week 2: Secure Storage: How To Make Your Bitcoin Safer Than an FDIC Insured Bank Account
  •  Week 3: Advanced Tactics Part 1 - "Altcoins" - How I Choose Which of the 1,000+ Cryptocurrencies To Buy In Addition To Bitcoin
  •  Week 4: Advanced Tactics Part 2 - "ICOs" - How To Discover New Coins That You Can Buy Before The General Public Through A "Crowdsale/ICO" or even PRE-ICO!
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Cryptocurrencies are up more than 1000% over the past year, and there are many reasons why this is likely to continue. Take a look at Bitcoin, as it has outperformed even the top performing stock in the S&P 500. Watch out Wall Street - there's a new game in town!
WARNING: This isn't zero risk, but smart investors agree... there's never been a more worthwhile risk!
Limited downside risk, unlimited upside potential.
You've Probably Seen The News...
The Rise Is Nowhere Near Over And That's Why Cryptocurrency Technology Investors Include...
...For the record that's the two largest accounting firms in the world, multiple tech giants, and the investment bank that purportedly runs the government/congress/world, according to conspiracy theories. The list of big, powerful crypto investors grows every week.

What do they know that you don't know?

You're about to find out, and LUCKILY, this is an open playing field where the big players don't have an advantage over you anymore, as long as you're armed with this information...
Here’s Exactly What You’ll Discover
In My Bitcoin Investment Training...
The Bitcoin Training will sell for $3,000 once released to the public - but as part of a very limited test, you get it free. Here’s what’s inside:

Get Some Bitcoin
There’s a lot more to getting Bitcoin than just clicking a buy button.

You’ve got to be able to buy quickly without waiting days and days to get your Bitcoin while the price goes up, causing missed profits.

And that’s why this class is so important. There are some quirks I’ve learned about in the past 4 years of investing in Bitcoin.

You’ll discover:
  •  How to open your Bitcoin buying account… without waiting weeks to be able to buy Bitcoin.
  • If you’re feeling stressed out about missing out on profits because you’ve tried to buy bitcoin, this is the cure. There’s a special way to go about buying without unnecessary waiting or missing out on profits. I’ll reveal all of this in the class.
  •  How to get free money in your new Bitcoin account. There’s a special code to use to get free Bitcoin and while Bitcoin is rising by hundreds of percent very quickly, every Bitcoin you own counts. This free bonus could pay your next mortgage payment!
  •  How To Identify The “Golden” Banks. Some banks will do mean things to Bitcoin buyers (seriously!), while others make it so easy you’re all setup in literally less than three minutes. This allows you to trade in your sinking dollars for soaring Bitcoin without delay.
  •  Four ways to turn dollars into Bitcoin.
  • In the Bitcoin Training, I’ll show you the 4 ways to turn dollars into Bitcoin. Did you know that understanding the differences can cause other slow movers’ profits to go into YOUR account? I’ll show you how to maximize your profit by being smart about which methods you choose for transferring funds.
  •  The Single Most Important Skill you can harness instantly that gives you an advantage over the next Bitcoin buyer.
And that’s just all in the first week!

Once you’re clear on exactly how to buy Bitcoin quickly, it’s time to…
Transfer your Bitcoin To Ultra Secure Storage
This is critical to your ability to protect your profits so you get to keep them.

You’ll learn:
  •  How to move your precious Bitcoin from short term storage to long term storage to minimize risk of loss
  •  How to diversify storage locations to spread and minimize risk even further, while keeping it incredibly simple
Advanced Tactics - Part 1: Altcoins
You’ll learn:
  • How to choose which "Altcoins" to buy among the over 1,000+ cryptocurrencies
  • You'll learn my "threshold for portfolio inclusion" and weighting strategy I use in my cryptocurrency hedge fund, so you can follow along and develop your own strategy
  • How to spot overhyped, overpriced Altcoins so you can pass on them (deciding which coins NOT to buy is very important to your success!)
Advanced Tactics - Part 2: ICOs
You’ll discover:
  • How to get wind of the best ICOs (or token crowdsales) where you can buy coins at their inception! When done smartly, this can result in enormous returns (over 100%) just within the first 48 hours!
  • How to manage your risk and limit your downside (ICOs are high risk and you could lose money... I'll show you how I limit my risk when investing in ICOs from my cryptocurrency hedge fund)
  •  How to spot overhyped ICOs of coins that have little chance of success so you can pass on them
  •  How to calculate your holding period on each ICO to make the most of the cryptocurrencies timing
  •  When to sell off an Altcoin to maximize profits
BONUS: How To Hedge Against Government Crackdowns & Increased Regulation
China recently cracked down on certain cryptocurrency transactions and Bitcoin prices tumbled. But did you know that certain altcoins are uniquely positioned to increase in value with increased regulation and government scrutiny?
  • Learn which coins are positioned to benefit from various kinds of government scrutiny
  • Discover how to invest in and hold these "crackdown hedge" altcoins so you can be positioned to profit from these potential events
BONUS: How To Spot A Bubble
Clearly there is volatility—ups and downs. But in the bigger picture, naysayers keep saying it's a bubble and it keeps going up. Bitcoin has gone up more than tech stocks did in their bubble AND more than real estate did in its bubble.

Basic fundamental indicators are being missed by the mainstream, just like they were in past major events. Remember how they said the internet was a fad in the mid 90s?

You'll learn:
  • Why Bitcoin is nowhere near a bubble anytime soon
  • How Bitcoin will DEFINITELY eventually become a bubble—probably the biggest bubble ever known—and how to do everything possible to avoid bad timing and bubble losses (This is a long way out, but important)
To "Look Over My Shoulder" As I Make 
Million Dollar Investment Decisions 
Managing My Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund!
Most people miss the most critical parts of due diligence, the research you need to do to make smart investment decisions that pay off.

I’ll show you the full picture of due diligence that has helped me avoid scams numerous times, funding my lifestyle of adventure as I take my wife Rachel around the world surfing, skiing, ATVing, camping and sailing.

That stuff costs money and you have to avoid scams to keep your money growing and pay for a wonderful lifestyle. Stand on my shoulders as I show you how to do due diligence the right way.
You’ll get the big picture, but I’ll also hold your hand through the details too. Everything we do can be broken down into a series of simple action steps you can take, and in my training videos I show you how.

All you need is access to the internet (which you obviously have) and you’ll be able to login to the members’ web site to get all the videos.
When you acquire cryptocurrencies, you can fully own and control the asset.

You don't want middlemen, because if you don't hold the cryptocurrencies they can be taken from you without your say.

You’re in control. I’m here to help you execute your investments safely and profitably.
Now this is one of my biggest secrets. You've heard the saying "it's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know."

Truthfully it's both... but WHO I know has really helped me succeed. The other truth is there's no "shortcut" to knowing powerful, wealth people with insider information you can legally use.

I'll give you one example. In a recent conversation with the CEO of a big cryptocurrency exchange, he told me about ONE cryptocurrency that I went out and immediately acquired in my portfolio.

Literally two weeks later, it had tripled in value.

300% gains in 14 days.

Now this doesn't happen every single day, and not every insider tip is profitable.

But the point is that profiting from this kind of information is LEGAL.

And, as my cryptocurrency hedge fund grows—in its first official month it grew 59.17%—so does the value of my network and insider contacts!

Let all the work I've done in the financial industry over the last 14 years—and the experience and contacts gained in the crypto world specifically—give YOU an insider advantage.
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Thanks so much for taking the time to read this page and I look forward to hearing your success story in a few weeks!


Jeff Nabers
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